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Help us stop mining exploration in indian reservations in Amazon rainforest

Work in progress – documentary essay about mining in indian reservations in amazon rainforest.
Logo to a portuguese magazine.
Personal website of the brazilian philosopher and writer Marcia Tiburi.
Design production to a academic event.
Documentary essay about the transition of the manual to mechanical sugar-cane cut process in Brazil
Documentary essay about the daily journey of the workers in São Paulo – Brazil
Documentary essay about the rodeo in Barretos – Brazil.
Documentary essay about the military occupation under the pretext of "war on drugs" in favelas in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.
Documentary essay about the struggles in São Paulo – Brazil
Portrait collection (2014–2015).
Glitches — In Memoriam de James Foley, photojournalist killed by ISIS in 2014.
"Two ravens flew from Hnikar’s shoulders; Huginn to the hanged and Muninn to the slain" Illustration exercise.
Illustration exercise.
Primeiramente, Fora Temer!
Illustration exercise.
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